Sunday, March 22, 2015

Yes, I'm still here.

Obviously, blogging consistently is not my strong point.

School is going well.  Jack is two-thirds of the way through first grade, and has nearly completed AmblesideOnline Year 1.  He finished reading Farmer Boy during his "quiet reading time" this week.  During spring term, we'll be finishing our study of birds, reading legends about King Arthur and Robin Hood, learning about the early church, and the fall of the Roman empire.  Each of his end-of-term exams has gone a little better than the term before, and we feel like he's making good progress through his schoolwork.  He still has a vivid imagination and loves to pull his sisters into his crazy adventures.

Sally is learning to read, and beginning to learn to write lower-case letters using chalk, and listening to fairy tales.  She's still a good helper and a great hug-giver, but not quite as quiet as she used to be.  She loves to pretend to be a princess who is lost in the forest - usually with a bow and quiver of arrows at her side.

For Bible, we are reading stories from the Old Testament, from Solomon to Esther.  We've started memorizing Psalm 121, and are continuing to sing a hymn as part of our schoolwork each morning.

Molly loves to listen to stories, poetry, and nursery rhymes.  She plays with her dolls, blocks, puzzles, and lacing beads.  And she sings - oh, she sings!  It's hard to believe that this busy and curious two-year-old was such a tiny baby.

And then there's Gavin - my one-month-old cuddle bug, who is learning - oh, everything! :)